The Wine Making Process

4 Easy Steps


1.      Choose from our award winning wine collection.  If you aren’t sure, we’ll help you.



2.      Mix it together. (With our help of course!) Here you’ll see everything that is added to the wine and learn the multistage process that ultimately finishes your wine.  You pitch the yeast and away it goes!


10 – 15 min



3.      Patiently wait while your wine is carefully crafted at UNWINED. We finish it and get it ready to be bottled.


Range 4 to 8 weeks



4.    Then, the reason you came to UNWINED in the first place…TO BOTTLE YOUR WINE.  Music, snacks and you going home with your 30 bottles of wine.  This doesn't take very long, however that depends on how many batches you have...


Time: How much fun are you having?  :)