Storing Your Wine


Keep it in the dark. 

If you have a wine rack make sure it is away from a window and out of any direct sunlight.  Without a wine rack of any kind, the wine bottles may be left in the box they were transferred in.

Store corked wine bottles on their sides.

If they are stored upright for a long period of time, the corks will dry out, and air will eventually get to the wine. This will cause the wine to spoil. 

Keep the temperature constant.

Wine should be stored at a temperature range of approximately 68 to 73 degrees.  If it is too warm the wine may oxidize in the bottle.  Make sure the wine is not stored on or near a heat register.  Over time, that will spoil your wine.

Don't move the wine.

If wine is going to be stored for long period do what you can to make sure it remains still.  Do not store it in such a way that you will be moving the wine around to get to bottles, or anything it may be in the way of.

Keep the humidity at around 70%.

Basically, you want to make sure the room is not too dry as the cork could dry out.  You also want to make sure is not too incredibly humid as that could be conducive to the growth of mould. 

How long can I age my wine?

Many of the Red, White, Rose and Fruit wines crafted at UNWINED should be consumed within approximately one year.  Larger kits like the Cru Select, Cellar Classic Winery Series and especially the En Premier wines, will last much longer.  They can mature extremely well under the proper conditions.  It is best to try a bottle now and then until the wine itself is most desirable, “to you”.  These kits have the potential to last a few years, and possibly even longer. 

Serve Wine at the Following Temperatures.

    • Blush, rose and dry white wines: 46-57F (8-14C)
    • Light red wine: 55F (13C)
    • Deep red wines: 59-66F (15-19C)

Keeping in mind of course that the drinking temperature of your wine is a personal thing and varies from person to person.


After Opening

If a bottle of wine is not finished be sure to press the cork back into the bottle, or use some form of closure.  Wine will oxidize and spoil if left open for too long.  In some cases an open bottle of wine will last a day or two on the counter however, this varies from person to person.


Don't store wine with foods that are capable of fermenting (such as cheese) or anything that might rot (fruits and vegetables). Mouldy flavours can enter stored wine through the cork.